Tuesday, March 14, 2006

It's a better week!

Hello! I love my blogland friends. Thanks for taking the time to read this. I'm not alone and that makes me feel very good. I'm even motivated to do more on here. :)

Have I knitted lately? Well, no, but hopefully I'll get some spare time soon. How do you people knit so many fabulous projects and still have a life? I can't seem to juggle it all yet. My kiddos are too interested in my yarn and needles and by the time they go to sleep, heck I'm practically asleep too. But I'm planning on working really soon. And buying those batteries for my camera.

School is going well. I'm down to 15 and it's quite the nice size group. I even have my OWN table for guided reading. I'm ecstatic about that. I'm sorry it I spelled that wrong people. Please forgive me. I spend more of my day spelling words like " let, sister, took" and don't get to practice my big adult words much, except the phrase " That behavior is unacceptable," "You are making bad choices," " I am disappointed in your behavior today."

I got pulled over for the first time ever in my 27 years - actually 6 years as a driver- no I did not drive when I was 16 even though I had a license- I was scared to death of driving- a car is practically a weapon and I wanted no part of it. After I got married and accepted into the college that was 45 minutes away from me is when I began driving. I still don't like driving at night- but driving is a bit more tolerable now. Sorry about that tangent. But the pulling over experience was quite pleasant and I'm thankful it wasn't for speeding!! Of course I was late to meeting my best friend for dinner. Sorry!


Anonymous bev said...

Funny post. Understand the "adult words" thing. Mine recently came back and it is fun. But the pulling over being "pleasant"? Don't get that one. I am always shaking in my shoes. I shake just seeing a police car behind me! LOL guilty concience I guess. Oh, and I am retired and working from home, that is why I get to knit so much! That is what I do now.

7:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I used to work with 4-year-olds, and it's pretty funny how your vocabulary changes when you're only hearing kids talk. Great post - it's nice to see you in blogland!

- Your secret pal

9:18 AM  
Blogger AngeliasKnitting said...

I always have a knitting project with me. I knit whenever I have time that I'm waiting for things. My daughter's 7 - she pretty much leaves my knitting alone - so that helps. And I work from home - so I have some extra time there. Oh! And I rarely watch TV. Instead, I read or knit.

Glad school's going well for you. Sorry to hear about being pulled over! :-)

7:20 PM  

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