Tuesday, March 21, 2006

FINALLY!! Some pictures

My secret pal is awesome! This was from the previous gift. I got that awesome Cherry Tree Hill yarn. I'm making a minisweater from it. Here it is so far.
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A little bit closer up!!

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Here is the package I received today! Isn't my secret pal great! I'm drooling over ALL of it. Secret Pal- Antoinette!! I can't WAIT to get started on the Kiri pattern- it's beautiful.

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And the stitch markers- WOW!!

You were a great secret pal and I've enjoyed every gift I've received. You have been one of the most thoughtful people I've known. You really honed in on what matters the most to me and reflected it with your gifts. I love knitting and love my family even more! Thanks for the book- I can't wait to get started on some things for my kiddos! You are GREAT!!!


Blogger Antoinette said...

Astreia - it was fun to spoil you - and I'm sorry for our one point of confustion. It's funny - that Cherry Tree Hill yarn looks sssoooo different in a photo than it does in real life - but it's great yarn - one of my favorites! Thanks for being a great spoilee! I'll definitely keep in touch!

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