Thursday, July 28, 2005

I'm full of questions...

So, aside from the chaos that is setting up my first ever classroom. I have been able to do a LITTLE knitting. But I have some questions... Can anyone help me?

The toe up pattern I'm using calls for 3 dpn needles and work with the 4th needle. Okay I am but I'm running out of room on my needle. Stitches are about to fall off the needle and I can not fully extend the sock so far to try it on without it coming off the needles.

On the Clapotis- can it be worked on a circular needle? I'm using a straight needle but I'm much rather use the circular needle. Has anyone done that?

Is it normal to have your "knitting calendar" filled with projects? I think I've just mapped out the next 6-9 months of knitting projects. Like the Brioche Helmet Hat in IK for the kiddos, the weekend bag- I'm going to attempt it, the Union Square Market Sweater, and the Fur Trim Wrap for my sister's birthday in February... We'll see of course. It's all tenative.


Anonymous Petra said...

Hey Astria! Met you once at an SnB and haven't been able to make one since then! HA!

I knit the 2 Clapotis I've done on circulars. You can really do anything you want on circulars. It's just like straight needles, but they're connected. Try it, you'll like it!

8:05 AM  
Anonymous Petra said...

Whoops! Sorry about spelling your name wrong! Astreia!

8:06 AM  
Blogger Mitchypoo said...

About working on the 3 dpn, get some point protectors and put them on the ends of the needles, then you only have to rotate the protector while you are knitting and you shouldn't loose stitches, or you can get longer dpn needles but sometimes that is hard to work with. Hope that helps.

7:18 AM  
Anonymous Nanc said...

It's good to see you so busy (with knittin'). And good luck keeping your knitting schedule on task - any preplanning I attempt gets thrown to the wayside by new whims and yarn. [sigh]

As for the dpns and your socks; like 'mitchypoo' said, you can use point protectors on the needles not currently in use (which gets a bit bothersome), switch to longer dpns (I have no problems with this), or see if you can change it up and use 4 dpns to hold the sock and a 5th to knit with. (It make take some reworking of the pattern to get this to work out. Esp. around the heel.)

As for the Clapotis on circs - yep, go for it! I think it makes it a lot easier (and less likely to loose a stitch or two). Continue to knit back and forth, instead of in a circular direction, and you'll be golden!

(When do we get to SEE progress?!)

7:02 AM  

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