Thursday, July 21, 2005

I started my SOCKS!!!

I am working on my first ever pair of socks!! I still can't believe it. It's a toe-up version because I want them to FIT and I'm paranoid that otherwise they won't because - I hate to admit this to everyone- I have wide feet. I hate it- but I do. Soo... I want them to fit very well. My normal store bought socks fit my feet fine- but I just wanted to make sure. Please the progress seems to hit me more this way. Okay... I just thought about something- I told you that I have wide feet- but they are not BIG and WIDE feet- I'm short (5'3) and I wear a 7 and a half. I sometimes wish everything on me was a bit smaller- so my knitting might go a bit faster since there wouldn't be sooo much to knit (like reading patterns and being toward the last part inside the parenthesis and having to buy 2-3 more balls of yarn for that shirt) Anyways, I'm rambling today...

I haven't forgotten about Clapotis. I just needed to do something else for a little bit while I'm getting my classroom in order. I needed to feel progress in SOMETHING. Having to do 12 repeats in one section will not help with that.

Did I tell you all that I went to my LYS? Well I'm budgeting another trip in the very NEAR future- like next week. I need more needles. Plus, I'm thinking about making my big boy a hat for the winter so I better get started now...

I'm making a baby blanket for a friend. No pattern- just messing with yarn. I'm not sure I like the colors... If you could see if you'd know what I am talking about. It's different and warm. I kinda like it- but it's just plain weird. I did garter stitch for the middle oblong rectangle and did crochet in the other yarn. I think I'm going to go and start knitting in that yarn soon on it. It's all in my head- so I have no idea what it'll look like. I don't think my husband is being honest with me on how it looks either. He's says it's okay and he thinks they'll like it- but the hestitation in the voice concerns me. I may frog it and go with my second idea which is to do stripes. I was using scrap yarn because I thought it would be something fun to do. Maybe I'll just make a lap blanket for me since I get cold in this new place and make a better blanket for the baby. I just wanted something quick. I think I'm going to stick to the size 17 needles....

Okay, I'm done. Till next time

Crazy Knitter- who SHOULD be doing stuff for school


Blogger pleutim said...

I love toe-up socks. Once I knit a pair like that, I've never knit them from the cuff down again. You said this is your first sock? Congrats!! You're going to love them, I think - pretty quick and not that hard at all. And sooo nice on cold days. There's an awesome generic pattern that I used to use before I memorized my formula. Uses whatever gauge you get with whatever yarn and needles you want to use.

Make sure you post pictures of your work in progress!!

4:24 PM  

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