Monday, July 04, 2005

Happy Fourth of July

Thanks to all our soldiers everywhere! My family appreciates you and wants you back home safe!!! Thank you...

As far as my knitting though... ARGH.. I'm still on section 2 on the Clapotis. It's taking forever. It may have something to do with my son getting into some powder and sprinkling it EVERYWHERE. I'm on the last repeat on section 2... I'm getting THIS close to my first drop stitch. It's my motivation at this point.

As far as my Mariposa- I'm still on the front panel. I have about another inch to go because I get to switch colors. It'll be my first ever color change. We'll see how that goes.

I'm considering beginning a scarf. My first ever knitting project was a scarf- but now I want a NICE scarf. It should be mindless and quick enough for me to do... Hmm.. When should I start on that?

I haven't started any socks yet. I don't know what types of dpn to get for socks. What works best?

I knitted for a few moments before my staff development started. I got their early- didn't know anyone- so I started knitting. At least it makes the time pass faster.

Well I'm going to get off this thing and get to knitting- instead of writing about how much I DON'T have done. Till next time...



Anonymous Nanc said...

Hiya & happy 4th!

That's the thing with the Clapotis; it feels like forever knitting (and perhaps it is), but you're motivated to get to the next dropped row. The excitement builds.

As for dpns for socks... it kind of depends on what needles you like now (wood, plastic, aluminum) and the yarn you'll be using. One problem a lot of people have with the wooden needles in sizes that small is that they tend to break. (Sizes 00 - 2) The Lion Brand plastic dpns have a weird thing with them, which makes it seem like there is something broken inside them. Distracting to knit with. Metal needles tend to offer a slick surface for stitches to slip off of. I know, I know - what help am I? None really. I use all three types.

Have you picked out your sock yarn yet? Check the recommended needle size on it. If it's on size US #2 or higher, the bamboo is nice. But smaller than that, I'd go with metal or plastic.

Good luck either way - and we're here to support you!

7:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I sent you your first package on Friday; I hope you receive it soon! (And I also hope you like it!)

Socks are FUN; they're some of my favorite things to knit. As far as needles go, I prefer something smooth and slippery. My favorite DPNs are plain ol' aluminum ones, though I also like Crystal Palace bamboo. Brittany needles aren't smooth enough for me (and they break more easily than bamboo). I also like Pony Pearls (plastic with metal core). I'd start with whatever needles you tend to like the most, then experiment from there.

For standard sock yarn (like Regia), I like to knit using size 1's, though 0's makes a very nice, firm fabric. 2's have made fabric too loose for my tastes.

Happy Knitting!
Your Secret Pal

1:24 PM  

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