Thursday, June 02, 2005

Wow... Sometimes I wake up and forget that I ever went somewhere so amazing. It's only been a few weeks and it's like I miss Italy. I was only there for a little less than a week, but I miss it. I miss the food and the walking and the beautiful surroundings.

Maybe Sean and I will move there when the kids are grown up. Hey, maybe we'll move the WHOLE family there and we'll all live there and I could teach English to children and maybe open my own yarn store and hold knitting classes. How cool would that be...

Anyways, I bought the Microspun yarn for the Mariposa KAL... I also bought the Crumpets pattern for Baby Girl. I'm so excited. But I'm having a HARD time finding the Lion Brand Cotton Ease yarn so I may have to use the TLC Cotton Plus yarn instead. So off I'll have to go with both kiddos in search of the yarn... I want to add beads too. This is will be my most difficult project yet...

Okay, everything is hard because I'm still a newborn at this...

My Secret Pal (the one spoiling me) contacted me today. I'm so excited!!!

I got the information for the one I'm spoiling too. She seems so cool. This is going to be GREAT!!

Okay, back to baby duty. Big Boy is currently sleeping... One down, one more to go.


Blogger CynCyn said...

Unfortunately, the puppies on my blog aren't mine... but wasn't he seriously cute?

I went to Italy this past winter and fell in love with everything. The food, the nightlife, the food, the shopping, the food, the culture, the food, the amazing scenery... where did you visit?

7:44 AM  

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