Monday, June 13, 2005

I went!!!!

I FINALLY went to the SNB. That was awesome. It was a great time with great people. Seeing all their work, I was so in awe. I could have just sat and watched them all night. So I'm finally growing up. I'm actively getting out of my comfort zone. I'm actually meeting new people and talking. Okay I didn't talk a whole LOT, but baby steps okay. I will definitely go back. I got about 2 more inches done of the Mariposa. I'll post pictures soon. I have leftover yarn (La Boheme) from my Triada scarf. What can I knit with it? It's too pretty to go to waste. Well off to the zoo I go. I'll knit some in the car.


Anonymous Nanc said...

You came and we enjoyed your company! And you did talk (but, dang, it's hard to get a word in edgewise with use knittin' folk, eh?).

Hope to see you again in two Sundays (and the progress you've made on your tank).

6:53 AM  

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