Monday, May 30, 2005

Well I'm back...

I finished the scarf... It's my 2nd ever knitting project so I'm proud of it. I didn't follow the rules though. Oops... I bougth the wrong knitting needle (It was a 17 needle but 32") so that didn't work. Plus it was METAL- a no-no for flying. So I trying it with a size 15 needles. (I needed something to do on the airplane- 15 hours people, 15 hours) plus I'm a big girl and casted on more stitches. It was good experience. It sure keeps ya warm. I was burning up just taking pictures of it. I live in Texas so I probably won't get to wear it a LOT anyways, it was a fun project though. So don't laugh at it- It's good for a 2nd project. It's my first thing that is NOT a square. My first project was a scarf ( a long one) and I messed that up (didn't know about Stockinette Stitch and it's tendency to ROLL). so Voila...

Italy was great. I found a yarn shop there and bought some yarn too. :)


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