Monday, May 02, 2005

I need lessons

Well. I attempted to crochet a hat today. I just got so darn frustrated. I need to call my local yarn store and schedule a private lesson. It's just irritating me SO much...

Well, the trip is rapidly approaching. Can you bring knitting needles on an internation flight? I need something to do for the long ride. Ooh, I could buy some yarn while I'm in Italy couldn't I? That would be so cool. I need to research that.

I played with my kiddos today. I love them so much. Such awesome kids- I'm glad they are mine. Hubby is pretty great too. :) I made brownies with almonds tonight and that was yummy.

Well off to bed I go. Tomorrow- my focus is on the shawl... Hopefully I'll be able to post some really AWESOME pictures.


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