Saturday, April 23, 2005

My new thrill

Well... I'm starting not to like the purple shawl very much. After looking at the picture of it- I got a bit disgusted with it. I should have left it at one strand... Oh well. I went to my FIRST EVER local yarn store. I'm so in love. I bought 4 balls of Lilac Rowan Calmer yarn. Oh my- it's nice stuff. I'm going to remake the shawl with that. Since it's hot here in Texas. I thought it would be nice to have for chilly movie theaters and dining establishments. I guess I'll just have to wait and see. It's so easy to knit with. I'm just in awe of it. I'm going to my first SNB on Sunday. I'm a bit nervous about fitting it. I know that we all have knitting in common- but I'm such a baby knitter. I guess I'll find out tomorrow. The kids are asleep and I should be knitting... One more week of student teaching and then I'll have oodles of more time to knit the shawl in time for the trip to Italy. Maybe I'll post pictures of me wearing it while I am there. That sounds like an idea. Then maybe I'll make matching shawls for my baby girl and me for when she gets to about age 3. It would be cute. I think...


Blogger Karyn said...

if you don't like the weight of it, by all means frog the shawl! don't think of it as being a waste of time.....think of it as a learning experience. i've just started knitting again after 30 years, and i've started and restarted a simple tank top for my granddaughter 3 times so far!

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