Sunday, April 17, 2005


Well. That is my emotion lately. Impatient. This shawl feels like FOREVER. Here is a picture. Okay, all of you expert knitters- please don't laugh, I'm just a baby. It is warm though. I'm excited about it not being a square but instead a triangle. Yeah!!! It's 2 strands of yarn together. I just thought the one strand was too lite. I have so much more to go. How much longer will this take...

I still haven't heard back about my yarn. I'm getting really anxious now. I want it NOW. It will help inspire and motivate me to move faster... It's hard to find the time to knit with 2 small babies. But I try. My daughter loves the yarn and wants to put it in her mouth while my 2.5 year old son wants to take my knitting needles. ARGH... I will finish this shawl before the trip. I have a month... Don't you think I will?


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