Friday, April 29, 2005

The Cardigan

Well. I started on the Long Cardigan from Knit.1-Vogue Knitting. It's going VERY well so far. I'm still working on the back. I finished the 4" of p3,k2 and now it's just knitting up a VERY long section... That part will take a while. It's my first project that is not a square and has shapes,parts and will involve sewing. I'm very nervous about it- but baby steps. I'll just finish each section and SCREAM for help when I need it. I'm thinking about adding some of those really cute crochet flowers on it-like on the pocket or for buttons. I'm not sure yet.

I FINALLY watched a movie and knitted. I am so happy. I watched the Series of Unfortunate Events- pretty good. I was able to finish that ribbing during that time and start on the rest of it. I also knitted while riding in the car. I'm going to get this project done. Now that I'm done with my student teaching- I'll have a wee bit more time depending on the kids that particular day. Maybe in the morning- during naps and before bed- whenever they are sleeping.

Speaking of sleep- that's what I need to do myself... Till next time...


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